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The Department for Transport are running a consultation for next East Anglia franchise; a valuable opportunity for local residents to express their support for the reopening of the Wisbech to March railway.

Question 3 asks:
Are there any changes to the current passenger rail service (i.e. number or trains per hour/day), as set out in paragraph 5.8, which you feel should be considered? If so, please explain your rationale. For example, please identify specific local factors which might influence the future level of passenger demand which you consider should be reflected in the specification.

It would be useful if you could respond to Soma 350 Mg Dosage about the “East Anglia rail franchise consultation” saying the railway from March to Wisbech should be reopened and suggesting the service you would like to see provided; e.g. an hourly through rail service from Wisbech to Cambridge. This can be backed up by a comment about how this would benefit you and Wisbech.

For more information Steve Barclay describes the background to the consultation here including more ideas for rail improvements in Fenland: Order Xanax Online

The consultation document can be downloaded here: Order Xanax Online Overnight

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